WC Alarms and Nursecall Systems

An accessible WC Alarm allows a distressed person to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency. To operate, the user pulls the cord of a ceiling pull to activate a light. This cord also activates a sounder outside the WC and on the system's Call Controller.

A new ‘Call Accept’ functionality allows staff to send an intermittent call acknowledgment signal inside the WC to confirm help is on the way.

Nursecall Systems provide a powerful yet easy-to-use addressable system that helps ensure vital communication in any building. In environments where efficiency is paramount, addressable call systems deliver results, saving staff time, minimising disturbance and improving the quality of patient, customer and employee care.

Ideal for nursecall, dementia, staff protection, emergency assistance or affray applications, Quantec range of addressable call systems includes a host of individually programmable call points, displays, ceiling pulls, over door lights, monitoring points, infrared transmitters and more.

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