Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder Alarm Systems (IAS)can vary in size and form, from small residential systems to large commercial/industrial complexes. However the principal of the systems are common in that the system is designed to detect intrusion through a perimeter, or motion within a space.

That intrusion detection then sets in motion a chain of events which will create an alert for the system user, be it audible alone or a combination of alerts including phone/app alerts, or/and central monitoring station communication.

The type of hardware required as part of a system will depend on the user requirements and the grade of security involved which ranges from low to high risk applications. Deciding on what type of equipment required will involve a consultation process between Tale Security and the customer in which all aspects of user needs and site requirements will be discussed.

Below are some items to consider as part of the consultation process might include

• Types of detection equipment to be installed

- Inertia (Shock) Sensors

- Door Contacts

- Motion Detectors (PIR’s)

- Panic Buttons

- Key-fobs

- Smoke/Heat/CO2 Detectors

- PIR Camera

• Are devices to be wired or wireless

• Type of audible equipment to be installed – External Siren or Decoy Siren

• What method of communication equipment to use

- Landline


- Radio

• What method of monitoring to use (if any or multiple methods)

- Monitoring Station

- Securecomm App

- Text Alerts

• Decide on key-holders and inform them of the duties involved

Our Tale Security representative will break down all the elements of the intruder alarm system into plain language explainers and will advise of their preferred system having considered the clients preferences.

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