Tale Security views a CCTV (Closed-circuit television) system as being an integral element for a business in the fight against crime and fraud. Indeed Tale Security views the system as being an element that should be consulted on a daily basis in order to aid with the management of a premises and staff. The regularity at which this system will be viewed and relied upon will depend on the quality of images and the accessibility of the system to the user. This is therefore why Tale puts a large emphasis on the consultation and design process for any CCTV system.

Tale Security recognises the requirement to create bespoke CCTV applications for each individual client. This process will begin with a security consultation with the client and a proposal will be prepared taking into consideration user needs, budget targets and the security risks involved for the project. A detailed analysis will be undertaken to marry site requirements with the most effective available surveillance equipment.

Ahead of any enquiry or consultation, a useful exercise would be to scan the following areas of detail in order to properly assess user requirements in anticipation of the installation of a CCTV system

  • Identify the key areas to be covered by camera surveillance
  • How much detail is required from each camera
  • Are cameras to be overt or covert in design
  • Is infra red (night vision) required for particular cameras
  • Are spot monitors (additional viewing points) required on the premises
  • Where is the recording unit to be housed? Consider security, cable accessibility, available space, and user requirements
  • How much recording time is required from the system for example 30 days, 60 days, 90 days
  • Is remote viewing required for the system? Is broadband in place of a sufficient quality (5 MB upload)

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