About Tale

Tale Technologies (T/A Tale Security) operates in the Mid-West of Ireland (Clare, Galway, Limerick) in the electronic security installations sector. The security industry has evolved greatly over the last 20 years and the pace of this evolution is continuing to grow. We at Tale view this change with enthusiasm as the advances in technology and quality of the products offered, greatly benefit the end-user as well the design and installation provider. The challenge with this growth in the industry is to be able to combine the existing methods of installation and product type with the new stream of technological advances as they are released and more importantly after they have been industry tested.

Tale believes that through constant dialogue with the security industry leaders and through regular education and training programs, we can keep with the pace of this development and offer our clients the opportunity to benefit most from the advancements being made in this area.

Please keep in touch with our news and media feeds for the latest on security and safety products the industry has to offer.